Mikko H. Haapoja is a Helsinki-based media artist, music producer and multi-instrumentalist. Haapoja works fluently with various music genres – from acoustic traditional music to electronic music, from alternative rap to indie pop. In his solo project Unheard Landscapes, Haapoja plays Finnish traditional bowed lyres and live electronics combined with his field-recordings from the world.

Since 2010 Haapoja has captured the sonic image of Helsinki in his project Helsingin reitit – The Routes of Helsinki. The piece 'Beeline' is part of the permanent exhibition at Helsinki City Museum. Haapoja's media & sound art has been presented in many galleries and events in Helsinki and internationally, for example in New York and Oslo. Meanwhile, Haapoja has recorded many acclaimed global music albums like Okra Playground's Turmio, Nathan Riki Thomson's Resonance and Sarah Palu's Ikivirta.


Resonance - a documentary film by Nathan Riki Thomson & Ville Tanttu - will be premiered 8.11.2021 at Etnosoi! festival in Cinema Orion! In the event, also an album 'Sonic Poems from an Unknown Land' will be released! The soundscape design, music mixing and mastering of the film and the album by Mikko H. Haapoja.

Mikko H. Haapoja's Aarnimetsä | ikisointi sound piece was part of the Saimaa Art Cave Retretti exhibition in 2021. Same old-forest soundscapes and bowed lyre themes can be heard also in the audiovisual installation Ikimetsä maan alisen in Tytyri, Lohja.

Helsingin reitit - The Routes of Helsinki 2010-2020 anniversary soundscape collage was broadcasted by YLE. Listen to the composition on YLE Areena. Helsingin sanomat wrote an article about the project and its 10th anniversary exhibition.

Sarah Palu's Ikivirta (Everflow) album - recorded & mixed by Mikko H. Haapoja - is nominated for Etno-Emma 2021!

Helsingin reitit with RaivioBumann have released the urban soundscape & podcast series Kuuletko Helsinki? and Kuuletko Turku?

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productions / music / sound art / media art

Since 2008, Haapoja has recorded and mixed a wide variety of artists and bands like the extraordinary Sarah Palu, Natalia Castrillón, Marjo Smolander, GEA, Okra Playground, Kuukumina, Laura Airaksinen & RFO, Maradentro, Hyvä trio, Thalamus, Pajolaine, TuaSofia and Zane un Minna. Together with Tuukka Tervo and Miikka Huttunen Haapoja recorded the 2014 Etno Emma award winner album Folk Big Band.

Currently Haapoja is creating new music for his solo project Unheard Landscapes and folk-rap collective haapoja & illmari. Alongside music productions, Haapoja does also sound design for film, performing arts and installations.

Haapoja's musical background is in the new wave folk music. However, Haapoja has graduated from the Centre for Music & Technology, Sibelius Academy, and studied music with wide perspective from classical and jazz theory to contemporary music composing. In 2013 Haapoja founded the alternative hiphop collective haapoja & illmari. The collective combines electro-acoustic folk and pop music, rap and urban sound art together.

In 2019-2021 Haapoja is creating his first solo album for the project called Unheard Landscapes, where Haapoja's global field recrodings meet electronic new wave folk music. Haapoja's main instrument is jouhikko, the Finnish bowed lyre.


productions / music / sound art / media art

Haapoja's artistic work is a mixture of music & soundscape composing and video art. Helsingin reititThe Routes of Helsinki is Haapoja's long term art project, which focuses on soundscapes in the boundaries between nature and the city. Haapoja's sound art piece Luotisuora - Beeline is a part of the permanent exhibition in the new Helsinki City Museum. In November 2016 the piece was installed first time in Manhattan, New York. In September 2019, all The Routes of Helsinki works were exhibited at the Sound Art Gallery Akusmata, Helsinki. Finnish national broadcasting company YLE premiered the 2010-2020 soundscape collage of The Routes of Helsinki in May 2020.

As a media artist, Haapoja works constantly with multi-disciplinary projects for other artists alongside his own Unheard Landscapes and The Routes of Helsinki.

Keitaat / Oases, created with Amanda Kauranne, is a series of audio-visual installations about Nordic nature. With the piece Oases from HEL (2017) Haapoja & Kauranne have toured in North Iceland, New York and Helsinki. In 2022, Keitaat / Oases project will continue in The Faroe Islands and is going to be performed in Berlin and Kaustinen, Finland.

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