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What does the world and its cities sound like as an orchestra? What kind of soundscape do the Arctic forests and melting glaciers create with the sounds of mangrove wetlands? During 2010s, Helsinki-based media artist and music producer Mikko H. Haapoja has recorded Nordic nature sounds and several cities like Istanbul, New York, México, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Helsinki, Bangkok and Hongkong. By mixing multiple sonic environments together, Haapoja now creates unheard worlds. In Unheard Landscapes, Finnish traditional bowed lyre (jouhikko) and other folk music instruments contact this mixture of sounds to the living tradition of ours.

Unheard Landscapes' debut EP Our Shorelines is out now on Spotify, AppleMusic and other streaming services!

'Our Shorelines - Prelude' was broadcasted on YLE1 Avaruusromua on Sunday 15.3.2020.

Haapoja's binaural soundscape commission pieces 'Our forests, near and far' & 'At the Station' broadcasted by RTS, 'On the shorelines of New York' by YLE.

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